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Saskatchewan has it All: The Simple Life and Unlimited Trucking Opportunities in Canada's Fastest Growing Economy


At the heart of the Canadian prairies, Saskatchewan's charm is the down-to-earth, welcoming nature of its people. But the province mostly known for its simple life and wheat field has recently bloomed into Canada's hot spot with the fastest growing economy. Not to mention a growing Mecca of culture and activity adding to its sudden boom in population.




Saskatchewan has the distinction of being the only Canadian province with no physical geography marking its borders. To the west is Alberta, on the north are the Northwest Territories, on the east is Manitoba and on the south are the U.S. states of Montana and North Dakota. The province has many distinct natural geographical regions: the Canadian Shield, the Interior Plains, the boreal forest and its infamous Cypress Hills and Sand Dunes. With the endless sky stretching across its expansive land, and the tens of thousands of fresh lakes and rivers throughout, Saskatchewan is one of Canada's hidden gems.


But Saskatchewan's economy (mostly associated with agriculture) has been increasingly diversifying and its recent boom has named one of its major cities (Saskatoon), the fastest-growing metropolitan area in Canada for the third year in a row. In addition to growing 45% of Canada's grain, Saskatchewan is now the world's largest supplier of potash and uranium, supplying much of the western world. Oil and natural gas production is also a very important part of Saskatchewan's economy and like the Shale oil boom in North Dakota, Saskatchewan is benefiting from the Bakken oil formation as well.


Saskatchewan's 3.9 percent jobless rate is the lowest of all Canadian provinces and it is seeing a surplus budget as well. This means that anyone who wants to work in Saskatchewan is working and for truck drivers, the opportunities are endless and available now! In addition to the agriculture, mining and oil industries relying on transportation carriers more and more, the influx of residents has also created a major construction boom- adding even more truck driving jobs there as well.


Saskatchewan's demand for truck drivers is only expected to grow and while most drivers make anywhere between $30,000 to over $50,000 per year (already above the national average), these figures are already increasing as trucking companies compete for drivers. There are many different types of truck driver positions currently available all over Canada's fastest growing province and is here to help you find the ideal one for you!


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