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British Columbia: The Beautiful Province with the Best Paying Truck Driver Jobs


Canada’s westernmost province is also considered to be its most scenic and as the official license plate says, “Beautiful British Columbia” is exactly what it is. Bordered by Washington State, Idaho and Montana to the south, Alberta to the east, the Canadian territories and Alaska to the north, B.C. is blessed to be at the centre of world renowned, sea to sky beauty.


British Columbia


British Columbia is Canada's gateway to the Asia-Pacific and in addition to being a major hub of port activity, it is Canada's second-largest natural gas producer, with its oil and gas industry seeing tremendous growth - particularly in north-eastern B.C. It is also the country's third-largest generator of hydro electricity and forestry, mining, fishing and agriculture remain important to B.C.'s economy as well. There is strong growth in new industries such as eco-tourism, agri-tourism and high tech.


The province also boasts having among the most modern educational, transportation and telecommunications infrastructures in the world, as well as the third largest film and TV production center in North America (after Los Angeles and New York). Its beautiful mountain and ocean scenery provides a major tourism industry as well, with world renowned ski resorts such as Whistler and popular summer destinations such as Victoria, Tofino island and numerous spots surrounding Lake Okanagan.


Truck transportation represents 1.29 percent of BC's gross domestic product (GDP), which is even higher than the province's coal and metal mining and the pulp and paper industries. According to Statistics Canada, truck transportation was a $2 billion industry in BC in 2011. Not only does trucking bring big bucks to B.C.'s economy, it is a rapidly growing industry - by almost 40 percent between 2002 and 2011. There are already about 26,000 registered trucking companies in BC and the province's demand for drivers is expected to increase to approximately 1,000 qualified drivers each year.


Not only does Canada's most beautiful province have plenty of truck driving opportunities well into the future, perhaps the best news about British Columbia is that truck drivers can earn more here than any other province in Canada. According to the latest wage data published by Services Canada, the highest average hourly wages for truck drivers in Canada are found in Northern British Columbia at CDN$29.66 per hour.


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