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Alberta: Where the Rockies, Oil Rigs and Big Rig Opportunities Meet


Home of the world famous Calgary Stampede, world class ski resorts and one of the richest oil and gas industry's in the world, Albert is not only the fastest growing province in Canada - it attracts investors and visitors alike.



Bordering British Columbia to the west, Saskatchewan to the east, Montana to the south and the Canadian Territories to the north, Alberta has a diversity of natural terrain. From parklands to grasslands, badlands, boreal forests, plains, ancient glaciers, thousands of lakes and rivers, to the oldest mountain ranges in the Rockies, Alberta's landscape provides its rich and diverse economy as well. With oil and natural gas being its largest industry, the people of Alberta enjoy a very high quality of life, including the lowest overall taxes in Canada. In fact, Albertans have the highest disposable incomes in Canada, the lowest unemployment rate and plenty of opportunities for truck drivers.


Transportation is essential to maintaining Alberta's global competitiveness and vital for Alberta shippers and producers to access the west coast and the growing Asian market. While 87% of Alberta exports are shipped to the US, the Asia Pacific is it's next growing export market and Alberta provides the diverse array of transportation infrastructure to keep it growing. Already, the transportation and warehousing industries contribute $9.6 billion annually to the Alberta economy and employs more than 105,000 people. With over 20,000 trucking firms operating in the province, trucks are responsible for about $7 billion or 29% of Alberta's non-pipeline international exports with 95% of all Alberta truck exports destined for the United States.


Not only does Alberta's rapidly growing economy make it a Mecca of opportunity for truck drivers (especially in the energy resource sector), Alberta trucking companies are world renowned for their expertise in the movement of over-dimensional and overweight materials. This essentialness and expertise of Alberta truck drivers have made it a well paying, respected profession in this province - with some of the best paying jobs in the country.


While Northern Alberta's oilrigs have the highest earning big rigs, there are plenty of immediate truck driving positions through out the province and gives you direct access to the best of them. Whether it's stampeding city-life in Calgary, riggin' in the Rockies or Edmonton's prairie city appeal, is your one stop on-line shop for all your truck driving career needs. We have the most current job listings from the best trucking companies throughout the entire province of Alberta. Not only do we make your trucking job search as simple as a click of the mouse, but our EZ application process immediately connects you to your potential employer as well. is the industry's most comprehensive job site and we're here to get your truck driving career in full gear!