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Like the United States, Canada is now a facing a nationwide truck driver shortage expected to continue until at least 2020. A combination of recent economic growth and the upcoming retirement of baby boomers are forcing trucking companies to compete for a whole new generation of truck drivers. The good news?  A truck driver demand is great news for truck drivers and anyone else considering the profession…more opportunities to choose from and the more employers are willing to do to ensure you choose them!


What are companies doing to appeal to today's truck drivers?
Recruiting new drivers and retaining all drivers has become the #1 priority for Canadian trucking companies. While the top strategy for top employers is to offer more competitive pay and benefits, the Conference Board of Canada has recommended an overhaul of changes be implemented by the entire industry. In addition to better wages, trucking companies are restructuring to offer better working conditions, upgraded license standards, mandatory entry-level driver training, and perhaps most importantly – officially designating truck driving as a skilled occupation. In fact, the Manitoba trucking industry is the first province already ensuring the skilled occupation designation is achieved.


What else distinguishes the best hiring companies from the others and the better truck driving jobs being offered?
The best companies can usually be determined by their efforts to recruit the best drivers and going the extra mile to keep them. Companies that keep current with the industry trends and structure themselves accordingly are more likely aware and invested in keeping their drivers happy.


Trucking companies essentially provide the same service of transporting goods, but they differ by the type of transportation service offered. They can first be classified according to the nature of the freight; general freight trucking and specialized freight trucking such as refrigerated good or dangerous good requiring more specialized qualifying drivers.


Distance is another factor and mainly what differentiates the type of truck driving positions being offered. With the most common carriers specializing in hauling large shipments for long distances, long haul truck drivers are most in demand and typically the highest paying jobs of the industry. But as more manufacturing companies are restructuring their distribution centers more locally, allowing more trucking companies to offer the more favored regional and local positions as well.


Why are there so many trucking companies partnering with
Just as computer technology has evolved many other aspects of the trucking industry, Internet job sites such as, have revolutionized recruitment of today's truck drivers. The industry's top competitors are the employers who understand that facing a truck driver shortage, means casting a wider net to appeal to a smaller pool of candidates. Today's generation of truck drivers use the Internet for almost everything, including their job searches and employers are increasingly aware that the industry's most reputable job sites are where most of their potential hires are likely to be.