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Trucking is Canada's third fastest growing industry and today it's growing stronger than ever before. Not only quickly – but now even more favorably compared to the US trucking industry. In fact, trucking jobs made up 1.81% of the Canadian economy and 1.72% of the US economy in 2012.

For-hire trucking supports almost 480,000 jobs in Canada and around $24 billion in income. Even more promising - Canadian trucking jobs are beginning to show higher average incomes than the already above average annual earnings in the US. Last year, Canada's trucking industry already reported an average of $45, 143 – which is well above the national average for all industries.

But like the United States, Canada is now facing a truck driver shortage that is expected to reach 25,000 to 33,000 by 2020. Potentially disrupting not only the trucking industry itself, but the entire Canadian economy as well.

The good news? Canada is making the trucking industry a top priority and truck driving is become a more valuable profession overall. More jobs, more pay and more companies willing to go the extra mile to find good drivers and keep them!

With so many great paying jobs available and so many people still unemployed, what remains to be the problem?

For one, not everyone knows about the gold mine of opportunities waiting in today's trucking industry and many people aren't sure exactly where to find them, even if they did. TruckingUnlimited.ca has solved that problem. With TruckingUnlimited.com already a proven success in the US, TruckingUnlimited.ca now provides the on-line solution for Canada's trucking industry as well. The one shop on-line truck stop with immediate access to all the best truck driving jobs in all the Canadian provinces.

What does TruckingUnlimited.ca do? At TruckingUnlimited.ca, our objective is simple. We connect you to the best available truck driving jobs in Canada with immediate, on-line access to all the current job postings. Province by province, city-by-city, company-by-company and job-by-job, we bring one comprehensive job search right to your fingertips.

We help you find the best jobs and help you get them too!
TruckingUnlimited.ca helps you find the best available jobs across Canada and we don't stop there, we take the next step and help you get these jobs too. The trucking industry is no different than everyone else updating to today's Internet efficient world and TruckingUnlimited.ca connects you to the on-line application process used by all of the best trucking companies, immediately without wasting time.

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